Cine Collection DJI FPV LUTs Pro Pack


Cine Collection DJI FPV LUTs PRO Pack

Create EPIC cinematic DJI FPV films with professional-level film tones using our CINE COLLECTION DJI FPV LUTs PRO pack.
Designed to work seamlessly with your DJI FPV D-Cinelike 1inch camera sensor in all mainstream editing apps on Mac, Windows & Apple IOS (LumaFusion).

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Cine Collection DJI FPV LUTs PRO Pack

Pro Results: The purpose of each SpectrumGrades DJI FPV LUTs is to fuse consistency across all your shots, and color accuracy with 20 unique, carefully crafted modern sophisticated cinematic looks that last. We have focused on giving you the highest premium quality software tools available on the market, that work, FAST.

For professional to hobbyist aerial filmmakers, vloggers, travel video & social media content creators … Always create insane looking DJI FPV films, take your films to the NEXT LEVEL & start making AMAZING AERIAL FILMS.

Whether you use our LUTs as a starting point, or as the finishing touch in your workflow, SpectrumGrades Cine Collection DJI FPV LUTs pack can, with blazing speed and ease, greatly improve your film’s final color grading process.

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Cine Collection DJI FPV LUTs PRO Pack
Cine Collection DJI FPV LUTs PRO Pack
Cine Collection DJI FPV LUTs PRO Pack
Cine Collection DJI FPV LUTs PRO Pack
Cine Collection DJI FPV LUTs PRO Pack
Cine Collection DJI FPV LUTs PRO Pack
Cine Collection DJI FPV LUTs PRO Pack
Cine Collection DJI FPV LUTs PRO Pack
Cine Collection DJI FPV LUTs PRO Pack
Cine Collection DJI FPV LUTs PRO Pack

Compatible Software

                                              Apple Mac OSX & Microsoft Windows
Adobe Premiere Pro CC | After Effects CS5 | Final Cut X 10.4 | DaVinci Resolve | Nuke | Adobe Photoshop CC | Sony Vegas | Wondershare Filmora | Avid Media Composer | Assimilate Scratch | Edius | CyberLink ColorDirector


                      Apple IOS MOBILE DEVICES IPAD’s & iPhones
LumaFusion | Video LUT

                                             Please check your video editing program is compatible with our software prior to purchase. Some video editing software may require 3rd party plugins.


  • Specifically designed to work with the DJI FPV camera sensor and D-Cinelike color profile for maximum image quality.
  • Precision and highly accurate skin tones that fit within the grade integrity.
  • Pulls all image over-saturation into the required cinema color-safe region.
  • Controlled naturally adjusted highlights and shadows for an authentic cinema look.
  • Smooth gradient control prevents banding artifacts in low contrast areas such as skies.
  • Create professional-looking films that stand out from the rest.
  • Fast – Save time with no more fussing around trying to grade your footage. All the advanced grading is already done for you.
  • Easy to use – Just apply the look you like, you can then tweak to your liking.
  • Unique – Give your films a personalized visual mood and feel. Adjustable with your editor’s basic tools to create a unique look that suits your taste.
  • Works with most editing apps on Mac, Windows & Apple iOS (LumaFusion).
  • One-time purchase, no subscription fees.
  • Does more for your footage than any physical filter. An essential accessory.
  • Instant download on checkout. Start creating immediately.

What’s Included

  • 20 Cinematic Color & Corrective high-resolution 3D LUTs.
  • Essential setup guide information, tips, and installation documentation


          • NUMBER OF 3D LUTs  20 LUTs
          • LUT COLOR PROFILE TYPES DJI FPV 8 bit D-Cinelike color profile
          • LUT SIZE 64 x 64 x 64
          • FILE FORMATS 3D LUTs: .cube

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