DJI Power LUT Full Pack

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DJI Power LUT Full Pack – The Premium Grades series are very strong and powerful LUTs. They’re based on well-known grades we’re used to seeing in movies. The DJI PowerLUT is my personal rebuilt of the extremely famous Vision color M31 LUT.

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DJI Power LUT Full Pack is my personal rebuilt of the extremely famous Visioncolor M31 LUT. The LUT gives a warm feeling to your footage while maintaining spot-on balance in curves and luminance.

➥Sample LUT
This package includes only one LUT that works for Rec.709 footage.

➥Full LUT Pack
This pack contains three different intensity curves, low, mid, and high. They all come in both Rec.709 and LOG variants. Also, conversion LUTs for all major camera brands are included in the download to give you the maximum amount of flexibility when coloring your footage.

➥Power grade
This Power grade is designed for Davinci Resolve, it gives endless possibilities and best of all, you can see exactly which steps I took to achieve this look.


  • DJI PowerLUT is wrapped as.CUBE files
  • Conversion LUTs for all major consumer camera brands, including DJI
  • The Power grade comes as a . DPX and.DRX file
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