PHANTOM LUTS For Canon users who want more creative choices for their post workflow or who are unsatisfied with the standard Canon Technical LUTs on offer, I have developed a LUT that accurately emulates the Arri Alexa 709 color science for Clog2 & 3.

Along with the emulation LUT, there are 4 creative variation LUTs that come with it packaged as an Arri LUT 5 Pack.

For the nostalgic among you, I have also developed 6 Film Emulation LUTs that each emulate film stocks from the past.

All LUTs come with C-Log2 and C-Log3 versions.

These LUTs are super easy to use and will help your LOG footage reach the most pleasing starting point for grading.

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Phantom Luts


The ‘Alexa Look’

A lot of Canon users have emailed me describing their dissatisfaction with the colours coming out of their camera. Having recently purchased a C70 myself I decided to develop a LUT to emulate my Alexa mini using the tried and true process I developed with Sony and Blackmagic cameras. While no camera is perfect, personally I find the Alexa’s colour science to be the gold standard in terms natural, accurate and beautiful colours right out of the box as a starting point to grade from.

Over the course of a few days, I shot exposure matched test footage with my Alexa mini and a C300 mk3 side by side with matched Sigma Art lenses. I shot in sunlight, shadow, overcast, indoor daylight, indoor mixed lighting, controlled studio lighting and all with my trusty Xrite Colour Checker Classic Card and my Xrite Digital Color Checker SG Card.

In total I shot approximately 80 scenes this way. With each set up I recorded 3 exposures – under 2 stops over 2 stops and correct exposure. With the extensive data gathered, I was able to build an emulation that is extremely accurate; factoring in not just the overall colour response but also the more subtle aspects of the Alexa colour science that it borrowed from photochemical film such as it’s non linear hue responses for rich, complex colours, subtractive colour modeling in relation to luminance vs saturation dynamics and the Alexa’s overall saturation profile for beautiful highlight rolloff and shadow falloff to name a few.

Phantom Luts

Matched gamma curves for the 2 cameras (Alexa709 LUT on the LEFT and Phantom Neutral LUT on the RIGHT) for identical contrast and exposure values even down to the 10-bit values.

I’m really happy with the emulation and hope you enjoy it too!

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These LUTs are designed to deliver:

1) An organic, smooth and gentle highlight roll-off that mimics Alexa in it’s highlight rendering to give an overall organic and naturalistic feel to the footage.
2) Natural skin tones designed to render contrast levels on skin like an ARRI Alexa.
3) Naturalistic, organic and classic colours.
4) Rich but not crushed shadows so that these LUTs can be used in low light scenes as well as broad daylight.
5) Commensurate exposure levels with the input footage that don’t shrink the dynamic range of the camera (by blowing out the highlights and crushing the shadows) or radically change the exposure value or luminance of the originating image.

The 5 LUTs Described Below:

LUT 1) Neutral – A neutral ARRI look – no colour cast or ‘look’ – just the classic ALEXA Rec709 look.
LUT 2) Tungsten – A slightly warmer golden cast designed to be utilised for subjects bathed in tungsten light. 
LUT 3) Ice Blue – Blue, colder cast with punchy, deep blues (looks amazing on subjects with blue eyes).
LUT 4) Jamaica – Green and gold cast – distinctive, rich, filmic greens and beautiful golden skintones.
LUT 5) Utopia – the most filmic look of the LUTs, with blood red reds and filmic blues and greens. It’s my personal take on what Utopia would look like.

Phantom Luts
Phantom Luts
Phantom Luts
Phantom Luts
Phantom Luts
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